ELL Deep Dive with Teaching Channel





In case you don't already know, Teaching Channel (Tch) showcases video and other resources online that help teachers learn from each other anytime, anywhere. Tch uses the power of video to show educators a variety of approaches that foster self-reflection so that every student can grow.

Confianza, with a shared mission of fostering teacher empowerment through innovative professional learning, is absolutely thrilled to be supporting Tch's work in several ways this year around the topic of English Language Learners (ELLs):

  • We are helping organize the new ELL Deep Dive, a bundle of resources all things English Language Learners.  This will be have more and more videos by September so keep checking back!

    • We brought Tch to three schools to film great things happening; the final videos will be part of the ELL Deep Dive this fall!  Check out a preview through the Facebook Live videos...
    Marisa Nathan, Confianza Coach, hosted Tch in Waukesha WI:


      Sarah Ottow, Confianza Coach, hosted Tch in Lawrence, MA:


      • We are coaching the ELL Fab Five Squadsters, a group of ELL teacher leaders representing different geographical regions of the US

      • We helped frame the essential questions for the ELL Deep Dive around key practices need to close the opportunity gap:

      • We got to stop by TeamsFest in Lowell MA to support this national network using Tch's online professional learning platform, Teams


      Special thanks to Paul Teske, Senior Director of Engagement, Gretchen Vierstra, Education Content Manager, Greg Marasso, Video Manager, and Casey Couser, Video Production Manager, who have been incredible to work with and learn from! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your incredible work.


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