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Anti-Bias Education

  • Microaggressions: The New Hate Language

    by Amy Melik Are you someone who has felt marginalized in a school environment?  Perhaps you are working in education and have seen colleagues or students marginalize individuals right in front of you.  Regardless of your purpose for reading, I would like to thank you for taking this important fi... View Post
  • Mirrors, Windows and Doors to Safety and Belonging: Supporting and Protecting Students’ Identities in our Schools Today

    by Sarah Said One of my earliest memories in school was getting ready for my Kindergarten graduation. We had our traditional American Kindergarten graduation songs we sang.  We got paper caps and gowns. My mom got me a new dress. I think it was one she had gotten years ago from the Middle East in... View Post
  • Migration is a Shared Human Experience

    by Marisa Nathan and Amy Melik, Confianza Consultants and 2019-2020 Fellows for Re-imagining Migration, an organization that Confianza is proud to have collaborated with since 2017 Have you ever asked yourself what people experience as they move from one place to another? You most likely have had... View Post