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Anti-Bias Education

  • Migration is a Shared Human Experience

    by Marisa Nathan and Amy Melik, Confianza Consultants and 2019-2020 Fellows for Re-imagining Migration, an organization that Confianza is proud to have collaborated with since 2017 Have you ever asked yourself what people experience as they move from one place to another? You most likely have had... View Post
  • Hate and Bias at School: What Happens Now?

    by: Amy Melik and Liz Kleinrock Have you ever done a web search of your district?  What does it say? What is the digital footprint of your district?  This is the way that many prospective families search for areas to live, and you’ll want to make sure that your district is seen in a positive lig... View Post
  • Leading For Change In Schools To Benefit English Learners: Educate, Listen, and Reflect

    By: Sarah Said Lately I have been really thinking about my leadership style.  Reflecting on past triumphs and mistakes, I have had to ask myself, “What can I do about how I implement change to really get staff to embrace better programming and practices for English Learners?” Remember, it’s not j... View Post