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  • Ensuring Rigor for English Learners using Depth of Knowledge

    By: Sarah Ottow How can we provide equitable opportunities for English Learners to master rigorous college and career readiness standards? How can ALL of our students engage successfully in high-complexity tasks? How do we provide appropriate language support to ELL students that doesn’t “water d... View Post
  • Shh… Quit Telling Your Students to Be Quiet!

    By Sarah Said I was given the advice as a first year teacher not to smile until December.  Yes, don’t smile until December and also keep your desks in rows. And, when you realize who in your class is friends with whom, you create a seating chart to separate them all because… you don’t want them t... View Post
  • Make it FUNctional! Curriculum Guidance for Teachers of ELLs/ALLs (VirtuEL Conference 2018)

    by Sarah Ottow, Confianza Director On Saturday, June 23, 2018, I was thrilled to be a part of @VirtuEL, an online professional learning conference dedicated to English learners.  Carol Salva and Tan Huynh have organized this now annual event that allows educators across time and space connect to ... View Post