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  • Measuring (and Celebrating!) English Language Development (ELD)

    by Sarah Ottow, Confianza Director and Lead Coach How do we measure growth in English for our English Learners (ELs)?  English Language Development (ELD) is so nuanced and changes from context to context.  Plus, so many of the ways that ELs are assessed in terms of “big data” and even the traditi... View Post
  • Why Is Descriptive Feedback So Important?

      By Jennifer Schultz, ESL Department Chair of Greenfield School District, Wisconsin, values the diverse student population she works with and shares tips for providing effective feedback here. So, you try a new recipe and as your significant other’s mouth is full, they mumble “It’s good!” You l... View Post
  • 'Language Snapshot' to Measure English Language Development

      by Sarah Ottow  While schools typically already have an array of summative and interim assessment measures in place, we often lack “fair and square” assessment that builds on ELLs’ strengths and shows growth over time.  In a previous blog, I wrote about the need for a more equitable and valid ... View Post