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  • A Day in the Life - Looking at the Whole Student as We Decide Best Practices for Our EL Students

    By Abbey Algiers  We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a person before you walk a mile in their shoes.” This is a good mantra for educators to remember, especially when considering English Language Learners, because we all know that ELLs have walked a lot of miles - literally and figuratively... View Post
  • Inclusive Leadership Journey, Part 1: Carlotita

    by Carlota Holder Soy Panamena. I’m a first generation Panamanian American. I’m from here, but not from there. Soy de aqui pero no de allá. Here I’m too brown and there I’m too gringa. I always felt like I didn’t fit in.  I began kindergarten as an English language learner. Prior to beginning ki... View Post
  • Leader Leap: Building Authentic Connections through Social Media

    by Alicia Fischer When accepting a position to lead a high school in St. Cloud, Minnesota, I immediately began to examine ways to connect with my diverse stakeholder group, particularly my over 1,400 students. I wanted to establish a connection with students, staff, and families over the summer, ... View Post