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  • ELL Compliance 101

    by Kerry Shelke Once a child enters a school district there are certain steps to follow during the enrollment process and placement into specific classes. Most school districts have this process down pat.  Yet, the process varies slightly once a child is deemed potentially eligible for language s... View Post
  • Navigating An ELL Label, A Sped. Label, or Both

    by Jennifer Schultz "We worry about what a child will be tomorrow but we forget that he is someone today." — Karl Meninger As an English Learner Specialist, I’ve found that analyzing a child’s rate of success has always been a tricky area for me to navigate.  It is easy to resort to comparisons, ... View Post
  • Strong Connections Built on Confianza Between Home & School for English Learners

    by Sarah Ottow “This student doesn’t have any support at home.”  “ELL parents just simply don’t come to school.” “If only the family would just get involved, the student would do better in school.” Many educators tell us how much family engagement matters and, in many cases, exasperated in terms... View Post