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Professional Learning & Collaboration

  • School-Wide Unity Through a Multilingual Lens

    On March 1, 2019 at the European Council of International Schools Multilingual Learning in International Conference, Confianza is proud to partner with the American International School of Bucharest (AISB) to showcase our Language Planning Tool process.  AISB English as an Additional Language (EA... View Post
  • Taking Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to the Next Level

    by Marisa Nathan, Midwest Confianza Consultant Professional learning communities can be defined in many different ways yet they need to be focused on students and actionable outcomes if they are to be effective. Dufour, Dufour, Eaker, and Many (2010) state that “a professional learning community ... View Post
  • Strong Connections Built on Confianza Between Home & School for English Learners

    by Sarah Ottow “This student doesn’t have any support at home.”  “ELL parents just simply don’t come to school.” “If only the family would just get involved, the student would do better in school.” Many educators tell us how much family engagement matters and, in many cases, exasperated in terms... View Post