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  • Where Are My Sandals and Sunshine? Self-Care for Back to School

     By Darlene Koury  Saying Goodbye to Summer  As as I put away my beach blanket and say good-bye to my sunscreen, I brace myself for what comes next. The end of summer always summons a radical change for me. I somehow magically morph from beach bum to superhuman. Long gone are the leisurely lunche... View Post
  • Collaboration: Part One - The Tale of Two Schools

    by Brianne McGee I have always appreciated this quote by Charles Darwin, but I didn’t fully understand its meaning until this past school year. During my four years as a public educator, I have found that most of us firmly believe we should be teaching our students how to successfully collaborate... View Post
  • Collaboration: Part Two - The Path to Implementation

     by Brianne McGee This is part two in the collaboration series by Brianne McGee; read Part 1 here The term “collaboration” has become a buzz-word within the education field throughout the last couple of years. School districts have spent both time and money creating professional development oppor... View Post