The Confianza Way

  • A School-Wide Approach for Supporting English Learners

    As a professional learning specialist focused on English learners, I often hear concerns like this one from Bridget, an English learner teacher: “My colleagues in general education classrooms say they care about our school’s English learners, but when it comes to teaching them well, with high st... View Post
  • The Confianza Way: Effective PD Is a Process, Not an Event

    by Marjorie Kirstein Imagine spending the day in a hot, dark auditorium on the day after the last day of school. The power is out, the professional development (PD) presenter has laryngitis, and your school administration has decided to go ahead with mandatory professional development. Imagine be... View Post
  • Inclusive Leadership Journey, Part 1: Carlotita

    by Carlota Holder Soy Panamena. I’m a first generation Panamanian American. I’m from here, but not from there. Soy de aqui pero no de allá. Here I’m too brown and there I’m too gringa. I always felt like I didn’t fit in.  I began kindergarten as an English language learner. Prior to beginning ki... View Post