116: Differentiation & Academic Language Instruction

Here's what past participants of 116: Differentiation & Academic Language Instruction have said about this professional learning experience:
  • This course deepened my knowledge of how ELLs learn and what they need in the classroom, giving me more tools for helping those students access language. What stuck with me was the explanation of how ELLs are thinking on two different levels--language and content--and it further put into perspective the struggles that they often face, which in turn helps me to think about more ways to help them learn.
  • I appreciate all the resources that were shared with us, especially the information on the different stages of proficiency. I will use this information to help track the progress of my ELL student.  Knowing the difference between the overall language level and the levels across the language domains is very useful.  I can really make differentiation plans better based on the specific language needs of my students.
  • I would recommend it to both someone that hasn't taken any ELL course and for anyone who needs an engaging and wonderful refresher.  It provides an action plan to address the needs if our ELLs. Very easy to relate to and make connections to your own classroom and to what my students need.
    • This course has given me exactly what I needed to step into my new role this year as an effective differentiation coach. I learned how to assess and then take action to support and mentor teachers in my coaching cycle to improve their instruction.
    • I would recommend this course. Our classroom dynamics are changing and we must go with the change and become informed educators in order to reach the students we have in front of us every day. Having the knowledge on how to teach our ELL students will make us more effective teachers and our students will learn so much more from us if we have the necessary tools to teach them.