117: Analyzing ELL Data & Assessments

Here's what past participants of 117: Analyzing ELL Data & Assessments have said about this professional learning experience:
  • This course has given me exactly what I needed to step into my new role this year as an effective differentiation coach. I learned how to assess and then take action to support and mentor teachers in my coaching cycle to improve their instruction. I also added to my coaching toolkit many new strategies and resources to aid me in this process. This course prompted me to develop a tool that would help teachers to enter data from various data sources like ACCESS score reports and IEPs and then then easily group students to target their needs and then create scaffolds based on those needs.
  • Being new to ELL can be overwhelming, but I found the experience supportive and impactful to my practice.  I learned how to collect more valid data on my students, what supports I can provide for my ELL students and how to use formative feedback to improve my planning and instruction.  
    • The instructor was fabulous. She exemplified all the practices taught in each of our modules to further each individual participants learning.  The Assessment Makeover is so useful for making classroom assessments more "ELL-friendly"!
    • I loved understanding the WIDA tools better, and having the opportunity to apply the learning through the Language Snapshot fieldwork tool. The webinar was also a highlight because I liked connecting with other learners in different roles.
    • I appreciated the focus on action and building our own knowledge as well as getting feedback from other practitioners.  This course helped strengthen my foundational understanding of assessments in general and also provided a specific, concrete way of formatively assessing--and documenting--the language abilities of EL students.