119: Strong Home School Connections for ELLs

Here's what past participants of 119: Strong Home-School Connections for ELLs have said about this professional learning experience:
  • This course reminded me to think outside the box and to be more creative in how I can approach ELL Family Engagement and participation of all families. It also reminded me that we can try ideas that target specific families and their unique needs.  


  • I enjoyed taking the online course and it was low stress because of the clear expectations. Additionally, the participants were willing to share their ideas so you could learn from their experiences too.  We discussed how teachers should encourage their students to remain connected to their heritage and share that information.
  • This course helped me to take a step back and focus on what is really important--connecting with students and families.
  • This course made me think about what we offer our ELL students and how we can do better. I realized I really am not educated in this! I was amazed how the families reminded me of some of my Special Education families. They were experiencing the same issues parents of severe SpEd experience.
  • I learned a TON from the readings and the videos. I think by reading / watching these materials I have a better understanding of the struggles for my ELL students and how I can better teach them and work with their families.  Plus, even though I was nervous about the live webinar portion of the course, it was super easy and really great to put faces to everyone's name and talk about our learning.