Analyzing Data & Assessments

Educators must have a deep understanding of multiple data sources and how to use this data to improve instruction and assessment. Confianza supports equitable assessment practices so educators can analyze ELL data and consider valid and reliable assessment design to minimize cultural and linguistic bias.

Objectives of this professional learning (online course or blended on-site):

  • Examine belief systems and research-based practices for serving culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Articulate a collaborative process for analyzing student work to drive instruction though the Language Snapshot Protocol
  • Analyze multiple measures of data by content and language
  • Design equitable assessments for ELLs that are valid, reliable and avoid cultural and linguistic bias through the Assessment Makeover
  • Differentiate instruction that integrates English Language Development Standards and Curriculum Framework for ELL students
  • Apply and share new strategies through fieldwork and an Action Cycle for each participant’s classroom context

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