Confianza's Change Agents for Equity, Language & Literacy Practices in Schools

I love how the each session has been intentional and really builds upon prior knowledge. The emphasis is not on altering our current protocol, but rather explore other strategies and techniques to integrate into our daily practice. The modeling is effective, videos are relevant, and the dialogue is engaging. --NYC School Leader



Confianza’s Change Agents for Equity, Language and Literacy Program (formerly known as Confianza's Coaching for Equity, Language and Literacy Program) is designed for educators who identify as change agentes dedicated to the mission of improving culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy through a social justice education and action research-based approach.  

If you identify with the messages in this article, Identifying our Spheres of Influence as Change Agents of Equity, Language & Literacythis could be the professional learning offering for you.

Confianza’s action research, inquiry-based model and practical tools for working with other educators as a coach, department head, dean, teacher leader or administrator are integrated throughout the program.  For on-site training, the units of study can be presented in 3 units or 7 units for schools/districts.  For online cohort learning and support, consider joining our Change Agent Cohort opening for the public Fall 2019. 

The units of study are built around key Confianza tools and other curated content that has been proven effective in Confianza’s Professional Learning Partnerships for change agents in positions to influence other educators' mindsets and practices.  

Holistically this program targets the following change agent competencies:

+  define and fortify your role as a change agent who strengthens equity-based mindsets and improves language and literacy practices in classrooms through data-based coaching actions

+  articulate and apply specific strategies to infuse social justice education and anti-bias practices in curriculum, instruction and assessment for the benefit of student groups, including all proficiency levels and all student subgroups