Confianza's Customized Program Coaching for International Schools

"Have Confidence in Confianza!"
-Alina Guzganu, EAL Coordinator,
American International School of Bucharest

Confianza Certified Consultants provide customized coaching for international schools' language programs for EAL students and ELL students including for IB school programs. After learning about your needs through our pre-engagement process, we can provide the following professional learning services on-site and through our blended learning approach:


  • co-construction of a professional learning plan focused on teachers of EAL and ALL students; plan can be for 1, 2, or 3 school years for sustainable impact with 1 or 2 Confianza Certfied Consultants


  • 1, 2 or 3 day workshops for all staff on equity, language and literacy strategies for EAL program and whole school approach for planning, teaching and assessing with our "language lens" approach


  • additional formal training and coaching sessions for instructional aides, support staff, early learning, elementary and secondary teams


  • coaching sessions for early learning, elementary teams (PYP) and secondary departments (MYP and DP) that can include planning with our Language Planning Tool, co-teaching, strategy study, student work analysis, EAL teacher leadership skills and lesson study


  • learning walks/walk throughs with leaders to calibrate on a solid instructional vision for EAL and ALL students and to train on how to observe with our "language lens" method


  • parent seminar on the value of bilingualism/multilingualism and preserving and strengthening the mother tongue


  • recommendations for program, curriculum and language policy