Curriculum Analysis for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

This new offering is being piloted in New York City Charter Schools Center and the School District of Waukesha, WI during the 2018-2019 school year.  As a face-to-face 2 or 3 day workshop, this offering helps teams learn together and plan new practices for improving classroom culture and increasing access to content through language and literacy strategies.



In an effort to provide learning around ALL (Academic Language Learners), Marisa engaged our coordinator team in a dialogue around how our current curriculum meets the needs of ALL students at their instructional level. While the professional learning focused on language access for ALL's, the embedded and modeled strategies in the workshop afforded our team the opportunity to delve into intentional planning systematically within our current curriculum. Imagine a learning environment where all students are successful; that's what Confianza promotes, encourages, and supports with a workshop that outshines all others. -- Melissa Kandal, 6-12 Humanities Coordinator, School District of Waukesha, WI


If you are looking for support on how to tackle instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse learners, I would highly recommend partnering with Confianza. Working with Sarah Ottow was a wonderful experience. Through a series of thoughtfully planned workshops, she was able to break down the enormous topic of analyzing curriculum with a lens for culturally and linguistically diverse learners into meaningful and manageable pieces. I was so impressed with her ability to navigate difficult conversations of privilege and identity and really appreciated her balance of theory and practice. --Melissa Katz, Director, ELL/MLL NYC Charter School Center & Special Education Collaboration



Working with Confianza was an invaluable experience for me and my team.  We were able to begin the process of analyzing our curriculums to make sure our learning objectives and methods are accessible to ALL students.  Marisa modeled effective strategies and led us through activities that stretched our thinking.  I am excited to continue the process of learning and growing to better support ALL students in our district.  --
Erica Mueller, K-12 Science Coordinator, School District of Waukesha, WI







We look forward to building out this component of the Confianza Resource Center soon!