Differentiation & Academic Language Instruction

In order to plan and deliver effective, meaningful instruction for English Learners, educators need to understand academic language and targeted scaffolds for a language-rich classroom.  Confianza promotes evidence-based strategies for intentionally planning instruction with 'a language lens' that helps meet students' needs. 

Objectives of this professional learning (online course or blended on-site):

  • Examine belief systems and research-based practices for serving culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Create a lesson plan using the Language Planning Tool based on content and language data, as well as student strengths
  • Identify the features and levels of academic language in order to plan with a "language lens"
  • Integrate English Language Proficiency Levels, English Language Development Standards and Curriculum Framework into lesson planning, delivery and assessment
  • Build a “toolkit” of scaffolds and field-tested content-specific strategies to engage ELLs in the domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Explore ELL-literacy-specific strategies for teaching major Common Core State Standards shifts across all content areas (evidence-based questions/responses, oral language development, reading complex texts, writing across the curriculum)
  • Apply and share new strategies through fieldwork and an Action Cycle for each teacher’s classroom context


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