Evaluation & Leadership for EL Equity

Leaders and coaches need to understand the competencies of effective teachers of English Learners in order to support them and evaluate them effectively.  Confianza teaches evidence-based strategies for refining leadership skills and strengthening school culture for linguistically diverse students and families. 

Objectives of this professional learning (available as a blended on-site 15 hour course):

  • Examine belief systems and research-based practices for serving culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Share research-based school practices for strong leadership, as well as school climate/culture for linguistically and culturally diverse students through a Leadership Reflection Tool
  • Deepen evaluation practices for teachers of ELLs, including SEI and ESL classrooms, content and specialist classrooms through a process for Evaluating with a Language Lens
  • Align school, team and teacher goals to assess ELL student progress
  • Apply and share of new strategies through fieldwork and an Action Cycle for each leader’s school or district level context

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