Partnering with Confianza

What guides our work?

We partner with schools and organizations to understand their needs and establish goals to develop a professional learning plan to improve productivity and address systemic issues of equity. Our guiding questions include:  

  • Are all your students/employees engaged to attain school/company goals?
  • Is your district/ organization surpassing your achievement/sales goals?
  • Are students/employees being effectively supported by educators/department within your organization?  

What do we accomplish together?

In the classroom: We break down “silos” that EL students experience in order for students to meet high standards for content and language instruction. We aim for sustainable impact by building capacity within professional learning communities. We are focused on equitable outcomes for students PK-16.

In the boardroom: We improve engagement with culturally diverse employees by working with them to understand their motivation and needs within your organization. We build interdepartmental support and understanding to impact the entire organization's productivity and levels of teamwork achievement.

How do we deliver results?

We collaborate with teams of administrators, leaders, coaches, and staff to identify and improve policies and practices that impact student learning and employee engagement and productivity. Through Confianza’s Action Cycle, we analyze, act, and continuously assess our work to measure progress towards your goals.

What does it look like?

Through collaborating on your needs assessment we build a plan that works for you. In addition to your specific school district or inclusion/diversity training needs, some of our professional learning activity options are: workshops, coaching cycles, online learning and on-site reviews. We can implement these activities working directly with leadership, coaches, staff/departments and/or teachers. We can provide direct coaching support to teachers and department leaders and we also offer a Coach-the-Coach program. Inquire about a consulting session today. Contact us here.

Who are our clients?

See our clients page to learn about our partnerships.