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Recommended Resources

To strengthen your mindset and practices for working effectively with multilingual learners, we recommend these resources which we update often.

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Diversity as an Asset Resources

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain from TEDEx

Fostering Growth Mindset with English Learners by Erick Herrmann

A Strength-Based Approach for Teaching ESL from Cult of Pedagogy

Affirming Identities in Multilingual Classrooms by Cummings, Bismalla, Chow et al

Social Justice Tools from Paul C. Gorski at

Three Tips to Make Any Lesson More Culturally Responsive from Cult of Pedagogy


General ELL Overview Resources

ELLs' Achievement Is No Longer a Subgroup Issue by Gloria Rodriguez at the Ed Advocate

Ten Tips for Teaching ELLs by Ayanna Cooper at Edutopia

Ten Assumptions to Rethinking about English Language Learners by Anabel Gonzalez at EdWeek

Equity for English Learners by Rusul Alrubail at Edutopia

Closing the Education Gap for English-Language Learners by Lindsey Mayer at Huffington Post

Larry Ferlazzo's Blog where resources are shared and celebrated

ELLs: How Your State is Doing by Claudio Sanchez at NPR


Supporting ELLs in the Classroom Resources

Twelve Ways to Support ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom from Cult of Pedagogy

Using a Can Do Approach from Colorin Colorado

The GO TO Strategies: Scaffolding Options for Teachers of English Language Learners for the Center for Applied Linguistics

How to Address Special Education Needs in the ELL Classroom from Colorin Colorado

Using Sentence Frames to Teach ELLs and Collaborate from Ruslana Westerlund's blog, "Reclaiming the Language of Social Justice"

Academic Language and Literacy Teaching Resources from Jeff Zwiers' website

How to Start Academic Conversations article from Jeff Zwiers

Helping [Long-Term] English Learners Break through Plateaus by Wendi Pillars on Education Week

The Far-Reaching Benefits of Co-Teaching for ELLs by Jamie Ponce at Teaching Channel

Formative Language Assessment for ELLs by Sarah Ottow


Next Generation ELL Tools

Supporting English Language Learners with Next Gen Tools from GettingSmart highlighting existing technologies (including Confianza) and illuminating gaps in the field

LessonPick is a free online database of ELL resources uploaded by educators


Standards Resources

What I Use in My Classroom K-12 resources from Student Achievement Partners’ Core Advocate Network

The WIDA Consortium 39-state consortium of language development standards and related tools

ELPA21 10-state consortium of English language proficiency assessment and related tools


Family Engagement and Special Populations Resources

Engaging ELL Families from Colorin Colorado

Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Parents and Families by Erick Herrmann at Multibriefs

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff from Teaching Tolerance

Five Best Practices for Supporting ELL Refugee Students by Sache Crouch at GettingSmart


Videos Showing Promising Practices in Action

Deeper Learning for ELLs video series from the Teaching Channel

What is Culturally Competent Teaching? by Anthony Rebora at Education Week

Assessing Listening and Speaking video series from the Teaching Channel

Classroom Video Modules video series from Colorin Colorado

Massachusetts ESL Model Curriculum Units 7th Grade Level 1-2 Example from Brockton MA

WIDA's Vimeo Channel of teacher-created video contest winners


Tools for Leaders and Program Coordinators

English Learner Toolkit from the US Department of Education

ESSA and English Learners by the National Association of State Boards of Education


Effective Professional Learning

Improved Student Learning through Teacher Inquiry by Sarah Ottow and Jacqui Holmes

Does it Make a Difference? Evaluating PD by Thomas R. Guskey at Educational Leadership

Why Don't We Differentiate Professional Development? by Pauline Zdonek at Edutopia

5 Things Teachers Want from PD by EdSurge

5 Ways to Increase Agency in Professional Learning by Anne O'Brian at Edutopia



English Language Learners: Shifting to an Asset-Based Paradigm from Annenberg Institute's Voices in Urban Education (see Confianza founder Sarah Ottow's former project featured in this publication here)