Success for Multilingual Learners Program for ELL and Content Teachers and Teams

Confianza’s Success for Multilingual Learners Program is designed to build and enhance capacity for EL teachers and content teachers and teams. Using our language lens approach, we support teachers who work with Multilingual Learners -- English Language Learners (ELLs) and Academic Language Learners (ALLs).


I am more aware of students' needs and issues so that I can help them in a more positive way.  I also understand how important it is to learn some of their home language so that school is a more welcoming and comfortable place so they can learn to their utmost potential.  --Marilyn Paykuss, School Psychologist

I learned how to plan language objectives that align with content objectives, the variety of supports and scaffolding that can be provided to ELLs at different language levels.  I found this to be extremely informative and I'm excited to share what I learned with my colleagues.  --Elizabeth Lindsey, Teacher


Our Plan-Teach-Assess professional learning skills are taught direct-to-educator through online courses or through a blended Professional Learning Partnership direct-to-school-or-district through a series of workshop and coaching cycles.

Educators take part in guided support using Confianza’s practical research-based articles, videos and Fieldwork Protocols for immediate transfer to practice.

The series is available as a badge/micro-credential/endorsement for a school or district or graduate credit hours. In Massachusetts, we are a state-approved vendor to issue 15 RETELL SEI PDPs to successful participants.

 Professional Learning Outcomes:

Explain, justify and apply--

  • specific practices to enhance student and family engagement including cultural responsiveness and social emotional learning
  • standards-based instruction across all content areas using a “language lens” including language and literacy strategies through high complex tasks for ALL teachers
  • multiple measures of data and assessment practices including formative checks for understanding to guide instruction








These modules were absolutely wonderful. I learned so much, and it helped me connect how to use common core standards and the grade level writing rubric with the WIDA Performance Definitions to make my lesson planning and my teaching more intentional and focused on English Language Development!  --Ann Taylor, Teacher

These resources really helped guide us through out collaboration process. We have spent time working together and using what we have learned to jump in and start co-teaching!  --Elise Malkin, Teacher