Why take an online Confianza Course?

Our courses are 15 hours each with four weekly modules you do at your own pace and one live "virtual coaching" webinar session to share our learning.  Here is a sample overview of how a course is structured.
Here's what participants say about our online course format:
I feel ready to implement the action plan I created through this course. I believe this action plan is broken down into manageable steps and I look forward to see the success this action plan has in store for my students and families! I am also ready to make changes after this school year to make this action plan even more successful!
The course work was so applicable to my daily work that it wasn't a chore, I looked forward to reading the assignments and working towards my Action Cycle to improve my overall instruction. Gaining insight from other professionals was helpful as well, it was a very nice cohort and an enjoyable experience for sure!
I was originally skeptical about an online class, as it can be very impersonal and compartmentalized, but I enjoyed having the online webinar part of this course and putting faces to names. It was an interactive as possible.
Great course and extremely applicable to the classroom. I was able to use the assignments in my teaching while I was completing the course and therefore didn't feel like it was a lot of additional work!
I could work according to my own schedule. It also allowed me to jump in and out of the assignments and take breaks when needed.
I loved the virtual coaching webinar. It solidified what I wanted to do for my action plan and it was nice to hear all the feedback from my colleagues. The app was super easy to use for the virtual coaching session. It was so user friendly. In past online classes that I have taken, it had taken 30 minutes just to set up the app. For this class, it took minutes and was easy. I also liked using the app. It was easy to navigate.
I highly recommend taking this course. If you are apprehensive about enrolling in an online course no need to worry. There are clear expectations so you know when everything is due and the instructor will walk you thru the steps if you have any questions. She was very responsive.  
As a result of my Action Cycle, I was able to start building a professional relationship with one of the teachers on our building that I hope continues to grow with the hope that I will be a better teacher for students that need extra help in the classroom.
I loved the course, the community feeling you created, and the easy to use format. I quit the last online course I took with because it was so boring, tedious, and the discussions felt forced. Your course is very well designed and I loved the readings, personal feedback, and all of the resources.
As a teacher, mother, and pregnant woman I would not have been able to attend an in person class regularly. I especially enjoyed my first webinar.
It was extremely convenient. It allowed be to learn in a positive environment without having to spend time traveling back and forth to a class.
The Action Cycle was instrumental in guiding me through the process of pinpointing areas of concern, determining what could be done about it, developing an action plan with the teachers I coach so they could address those concerns, and I can support them with resources, tools, and modeled instructional practices to carry it out. In summary, this course has made a huge impact on my coaching practice, and ultimately, the outcomes of the teachers and the diverse learners in their classroom.
I would clearly and most enthusiastically recommend a Confianza course. Because the projects were active and meaningful and were set up for personal growth it was respectful for adult learners and professional teachers.
I liked working at my own pace and knowing what assignments were due in advance so I could plan accordingly.
I really like the Action Cycle. I think using the template can help me really focus as a teacher in order to better serve my students. Since I work with small groups I'm wondering if I can successfully analyze data in order to more accurately group my students and then create an Action plan specific to the needs of each group.
I thought this format was quite easy to follow especially for someone like myself who tends to shy away from technology. The webinar was a totally new experience for me at first overwhelming but with colleagues very enjoyable.
I would recommend a Confianza course.   It was very nice to collaborate with other educators in different districts and hear what works well for them and then implement some ideas into my classroom.
Although I was originally intimidated, it was easy to manipulate and navigate. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the webinar.
This course has served as an eye opener, and has pushed me to take action. Educators know that the school year is very busy, and there are many demands on teachers. 
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See Confianza's Professional Learning Processes to learn more about our evidence-based approach.