While we recommend our Professional Learning Partnership packages for maximum impact, we do offer stand-alone workshops and speaking engagements.

Workshop Series & Speaking Engagements

Confianza can visit your school, district or organization for a special event




Workshops & Courses


Our Professional Learning Partnerships are designed with your needs in mind for maximum impact. We design a customized learning plan that can include formal training (workshops, courses) and coaching (professional learning community facilitation, classroom coaching cycles, co-teaching support, research-based strategy exploration sessions, coach-the-coach, leadership consultation). Download our brochure here. 

  • Anti-Bias Education Mindset and Practices: Go deep on the why and how of elevating an equity-based mindset into your setting along with practical tools for implementation. This workshop is designed for cross-functional teams, including leaders. We also offer a version for analyzing curriculum and instructional practices for teacher teams and curriculum specialists called Analyzing Curriculum with an Eye for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners which showcases hands-on unit and lesson design with social justice curriculum materials. Confianza's anti-bias work is done in proud partnership with Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.


  • Success for ELLs and ALLs: Teams of educators comprised of support staff and teachers discover specific practices for enhancing student and family engagement, teaching standards-based instruction across all content areas using a "language lens", and implementing multiple measures of data and assessment practices for language learners--both English Language Learners (ELLs) and Academic Language Learners (ALLs). Participants are guided through practice and goal setting for transfer to practice.


  • Change Agents for Equity, Language and Literacy: School leaders, district leaders, coordinators, department heads, and coaches that are school-based and district-based learn how to bring a lens for equity, language and literacy into their practice. Participants and encouraged to see themselves as change agents who strengthen mindsets and improve practices through data-based coaching actions. Specific strategies and coaching tools that benefit student subgroups, including all proficiency levels and subgroups will be modeled and practiced. Our focus, as is all of our work, is on not just ELL (English Language Learners) but ALL (Academic Language Learners).


  • Collaboration and Co-Teaching: When done effectively, teams of teachers who co-plan, co-teach and co-assess, the gains for classroom culture and student performance can be exponential. Designed for teams of language specialists and content specialists, participants will bring develop strong collaborative norms, systems for communication, and strategies for differentiation and assessment for students in language-rich and culturally responsive classrooms.


Don't forget our online course options for individual educators or teams!


Speaking Engagements


Confianza's like-minded team of experts present keynotes and other professional learning events as invited speakers - Harvard University Graduate School of Education, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas State University's Khbrat Program of teachers from Saudi Arabia, TESOL International Association, Colorado TESOL. We also present, attend and exhibit at state, national and international conferences - ASCD National Conference, European Council of International Schools (ECIS), Learning Forward National Conference, WIDA National Conference, MATSOL, VirtuEL Online Conference, New York City Special Education Collaborative's Conference on the Intersection of Equity and Inclusion, Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), Learning Sciences International's Building Expertise Conference.


Sarah B. Ottow, Confianza's Director and Founder, is available to speak in conjunction with her 2019 publication The Language Lens for Content Classrooms: A Guidebook for K-12 English and Academic Language Learners from Learning Sciences International.