This inquiry process through the Action Cycle can be implemented through a systematic professional development format as well as through a one on one coaching model because it allows teachers to ASK about a problem of practice (needs improvement lens), ANALYZE what they currently know about it by using different forms of data, then develop an ACTion plan that is aligned to their goals and finally they can ASSESS their progress through reflection and collaboration. The learning doesn’t stop there because now we continue the process by using their new data collected to ASK, ANALYZE, ACT AND ACCESS AGAIN!

                                                                                                                                          -Damaris Gutierrez, ESL Instructional Support Teacher, San Antonio TX

Confianza’s Action Cycle Guide for Implementing Equity, Language & Literacy Practices in Schools is a field guide for coaches, teacher leaders and school or district-based leaders working directly in schools with teams of educators or with individuals. Although this guide is available here as a stand-alone for purchase, we highly recommend additional support to deeply implement this key tool for all of our Professional Learning Partnership services. See our Professional Learning Services for support options.

This 19-page PDF guide explains how to use Confianza's Action Cycle, a inquiry-based, action research process for any educator focused on equity, language and literacy practices at the student level, classroom level, grade/department level, school level or district level.

Confianza's Action Cycle’s inquiry-based process is based on action research models for student-centered, educator-driven learning, yet it is flexible to adapt to each user’s context. Confianza Director, Sarah Ottow, has spent her entire career focused on action research models for professional learning. Read more about our rich history of action research here.

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