• Assessing with a Language Lens Toolkit

Assessing with a Language Lens Toolkit

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Educators must have a deep understanding of multiple data sources and how to use this data to improve language and content instruction and assessment. Confianza supports equitable assessment practices so educators can analyze ELL data and consider valid and reliable assessment design to minimize cultural and linguistic bias.

This toolkit provides key Confianza articles and protocols around assessing with a language lens, along with a recommended video for individual study or professional learning communities.  

Purchase this toolkit for $2.00 OR **SAVE** by purchasing all four Language Lens Toolkits for $5.00!


We also offer a total of four toolkits that support the processes of planning, teaching, assessing and collaborating with a language lens.  These toolkits are aligned to our go-to foundational book The Language Lens for Content Classrooms: A Guide for Educators of English and Academic Language Learners by Sarah Ottow, published by Learning Sciences International.  We recommended using this toolkit as a stand-alone resource or for further learning the accompany the book. This toolkit aligns with Chapters 4-5 of the book.

This timely book provides a host of highly practical insights for addressing one of our most important challenges faced by educators striving to meet the academic and sociolinguistic needs of all students: cultivating the powerful symbiosis of language development and content learning.
– Jeff Zwiers, Senior Researcher, Stanford University Graduate School of Education




Purchase this toolkit for $2.00 OR **SAVE** by purchasing all four Language Lens Toolkits for $5.00!

Although comprehensive guidance comes in the form of a school-based or district-based Professional Learning Partnership with Confianza, this high-level guidance can help get educators started with or without additional support from a Certified Confianza Consultant.