"I love the connections I made through the Confianza Cafe. It's been great to meet other teachers and leaders who serve the same demographic of students. We were able to collaborate and share best practices. It's easy to feel isolated in this work, but the network I built by working with Confianza had boosted my confidence as an ELL educator. I'm excited to continue working together and figure out how to best support ELLs across the country."

                                                                                                      -Sarah Fiore, ELL Specialist at Capital City Public Charter High School in Washington DC

Membership in the Confianza Cafe is open to educators who identify themselves as educational change agents near and far, seeking an action-focused space for facilitated support and community. Whether you're a teacher leader, coach, coordinator or director, the Cafe can help take your practice--and your impact--to the next level.

The Cafe is an online community connected through multiple modalities. Members can join our regularly scheduled video chats up to three times monthly to discuss issues and share ideas. Plus, our private Facebook group allows ongoing conversation and access to key Confianza content that has been proven effective.

Each month, we discuss issues connected to Confianza's Components for Equity, Language & Literacy below. Plus, members receive a complementary copy of our guide to using our proven action research model, The Action Cycle Guide to Implementing Equity, Language & Literacy Practices in Schools.

The membership terms are the school year, from September 2018-June 2019. If you or your school/district seeks additional support from Confianza, we do offer additional consulting hours, online courses, and/or a customized Professional Learning Partnership on-site. Confianza's Coaching for Equity, Language & Literacy Program will be available online in 2019 for those looking for advanced training and support.