• Course 1: Strong Home-School Connections

Course 1: Strong Home-School Connections

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This course has been life changing for my practice. As a school social worker, usually the first students that I get to know are those who are disrupting the classroom or school community in some way. The ELL students at our school have traditionally been very quiet and they are not the first to come to my attention. This will now change. I also became more aware of larger systemic issues faced at our school. The format was great, I found the articles and videos very useful and the timing of the assignments fit well into the overall course design.  --Verba Fanolis, School Social Worker, Springfield, MA 

Run, don't walk to Confianza. You will come out of the professional learning with so many valuable tools to add to your toolbox of strategies to engage multilingual students and families. I have already put many into place and have had a much calmer beginning of the year. I have been able to anticipate tricky spots and am now able to be much more proactive. --Anne Bianchini, Kindergarten Teacher, Winchester, MA

As an administrator of an after school program, affiliated with the school district, I feel that this course has been impetus for me to think more about professional development for the after school staff, the enrichment activities that we provide for all students and the connection of parents/guardians within the school community.  Lois Cohen, Director of Before/After School Care, Maynard, MA


In order to plan and deliver effective, meaningful instruction for ELLs, educators need to understand academic language and targeted supports for a language-rich classroom.   In this interactive and engaging mini-course held on Teaching Channel Plus, participants will learn and apply research-based strategies for intentionally planning instruction with specific academic language goals. Participants will generate content-specific fieldwork and a personalized "action cycle" implementation plan for new learning to immediately impact teaching practice and ELL learning outcomes.  

Take advantage of Confianza's strategic partnership with Teaching Channel to engage with educators across our network working with multilingual learners using our essential set of resources and related discussions 

This course is great for individuals OR teams of educators to take together--content and/or ELL/ESL Specialists & coaches!  

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  • 15 hours total over 4 modules done at your own pace plus one live webinar meeting; read more about our online format and why to take an online Confianza course
  • available to educators in the US and internationally; Massachusetts RETELL state-approved course for 15 SEI PDPs for re-licensure: educators should check with their local requirements
  • certificate provided upon successful completion of the course


This course includes complementary registration to Confianza's Foundations of Equity, Language and Literacy Learning Plan, where you can do deeper on issues facing you, your students and/or your colleagues in this interactive Learning Plan on Teaching Channel Plus.



Purchase of this course will register you for the class; however, please note that information on getting online will be sent to you via email within 2-3 business days from INFO@ELLSTUDENTS.COM.


In the event of dropping a course or learning plan, a 18% processing charge will be applied to refund.



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