• Course 4: Teacher Leadership & Collaboration Strategies

Course 4: Teacher Leadership & Collaboration Strategies

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Our team has improved through our communication with one another. We have created a google doc that allows us to access notes and share what was taught immediately. It makes it very easy to know exactly what was done with each student and what next steps might be. It has made it so we can build on what is taught by another teacher. We have also felt that we communicate in a more structured, productive and timely manner. We feel that our instruction is better informed by the data and notes we take on each student. --Lora Miller, Teacher

The small group conferring schedule and note-taking, and our ability to communicate daily about our student needs has really helped to strengthen the students writing skills. --Jamie Dobson, Teacher

These resources really helped guide us through out collaboration process. We have spent time working together and using what we have learned to jump in and start co-teaching!  --Elise Malkin, Teacher


Strong partnerships between ESL specialists and content area educators are essential for both high quality instruction and collaborative school cultures. In this interactive and engaging course held on Teaching Channel Plus, participants will learn and apply research-based strategies for refining teacher leadership skills and deepening professional learning communities. Participants will generate fieldwork with tools and a personalized "action cycle" implementation plan for new learning to immediately impact schooling practices. 

Take advantage of Confianza's strategic partnership with Teaching Channel to engage with educators across our network working with multilingual learners using our essential set of resources and related discussions 

Popular with ELL and content teachers teams!  

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  • 15 hours total through 4 modules done at your own pace plus one live webinar meeting; read more about our online format and why to take an online Confianza course
  • available to educators in the US and internationally; Massachusetts RETELL state-approved course for 15 SEI PDPs for re-licensure: educators should check with their local requirements
  • certificate provided upon successful completion of the course

This course includes complimentary registration to Confianza's Foundations of Equity, Language and Literacy Learning Plan, where you can do deeper on issues facing you, your students and/or your colleagues in this interactive Learning Plan on Teaching Channel Plus.

Purchase of this course will register you for the class; however, please note that information on getting online will be sent to you via email within 2-3 business days from INFO@ELLSTUDENTS.COM.


In the event of dropping a course or learning plan, a 18% processing charge will be applied to refund.



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