• Specialty Course 3: Social Justice Education for Change Agents (formerly Social Justice Education for EL Leaders)

Specialty Course 3: Social Justice Education for Change Agents (formerly Social Justice Education for EL Leaders)

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I love all of these resources! I frequently think about the concept of Identity as central to student learning and engagement. Even from a child development perspective, we know that our youngest students are, by nature, self-centered, and become more aware of others and the world around them as they get older. By the time they are teens, students are by nature self-conscious and concerned with the way they are seen by others. So, from a strictly instructional perspective, we can increase student achievement by engaging students deeply in content that is relevant to their lives. And from a social justice perspective, we must be concerned with the implications of our curriculum choices on student identity.  --Sarah Callejo, Principal

This course resonated with multiple facets of my work. In working with a team to redesign our New Teacher Program, I see a clear connecting to the Instruction and Classroom Culture. In order to set new teachers up to be successful with their students we need to be able to provide a supportive coaching environment which focuses on these areas.  --Michelle Herman, Director of Teacher/Leader Development


Educators can learn how to engage in culturally responsive practices with students, teachers and leaders in this interactive course held on  Participants will focus on learning and setting priorities for implementing the new Teaching Tolerance Curriculum, starting with a grounding in aspects of the Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education.  Participants will generate fieldwork with tools and a personalized "action cycle" implementation plan for new learning to immediately impact schooling practices.  

Popular with teacher leaders, administrators, content teachers, leaders, ELL teachers and those who serve ELLs in any educational capacity.  This course is great for educators to take together in teams!  

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Course Fees:  In the event of dropping a course before the second week, a 18% processing charge will be applied to refund.

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