English Learner Summit: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Confianza Director, Sarah Ottow, was an invited speaker at the first EL Summit: Leading for English Learners held Winter 2018. 

The goal of the EL Summit was to elevate the conversation around equity for English learners by bringing together diverse stakeholders practice and policy — from universities, public schools, charter networks, community organizations, and nonprofits. 

Read Getting Out of the EL Silos: A multi-sector conversation to envision the future of EL education.

Watch Ottow's summary of her presentation.



  • Posted by gloria on

    Looks like you are doing some great things but how sad that your very accomplished staff does not represent the population of students/communities you are serving. “Advancing Equity for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners” isn’t reflected in your staff. Feels a little contrived. You are not “advancing equity” when your staff represents mostly white women. How about searching for staff who represent some of that equity you talk about. Que Lastima, Confianza.

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