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Confianza: Educating for ELL Equity

Founded in 2015 by Sarah Ottow, Confianza is Boston-based consulting organization that promotes actionable, research-based schooling practices that increase access to high standards and equitable outcomes for English Language Learners (ELLs). 

ELLstudents is Confianza’s e-commerce site for sharing our professional learning tools, modules and courses both nationally and internationally, in response to the growing need to provide educators with anytime, anywhere professional development for serving ELLs.

Our Vision

Confianza envisions an educational landscape where teachers and administrators are offered personalized coaching and engaging professional learning opportunities that support effective classroom practices and collaborative learning for students and educators. We build on strong relationships between students, teachers, leaders and advocates to promote a multicultural democracy for all.

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To inquire about Confianza services, please contact us at:

Phone: (617) 419-0089
Mail: PO Box 540632, Waltham MA 02454
Twitter: @ELL_Confianza