• Teaching with a Language Lens Toolkit

Teaching with a Language Lens Toolkit

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In order to plan and deliver effective, meaningful instruction for English Learners, educators need to understand deep features of academic language and provide targeted scaffolds for a language-rich classroom.  Confianza promotes evidence-based strategies for intentionally planning instruction with 'a language lens' that helps meet ELL and ALL students' needs.

This toolkit provides key Confianza articles and protocols around teaching with a language lens, along with a recommended video for individual study or professional learning communities.  

Purchase this toolkit for $2.00 OR **SAVE** by purchasing all four Language Lens Toolkits for $5.00!


We also offer a total of four toolkits that support the processes of planning, teaching, assessing and collaborating with a language lens.  These toolkits are aligned to our go-to foundational book The Language Lens for Content Classrooms: A Guide for Educators of English and Academic Language Learners by Sarah Ottow, published by Learning Sciences International.  We recommended using this toolkit as a stand-alone resource or for further learning the accompany the book. This toolkit aligns with Chapters 3-5 of the book.

This timely book provides a host of highly practical insights for addressing one of our most important challenges faced by educators striving to meet the academic and sociolinguistic needs of all students: cultivating the powerful symbiosis of language development and content learning.
– Jeff Zwiers, Senior Researcher, Stanford University Graduate School of Education




Purchase this toolkit for $2.00 OR **SAVE** by purchasing all four Language Lens Toolkits for $5.00!

Although comprehensive guidance comes in the form of a school-based or district-based Professional Learning Partnership with Confianza, this high-level guidance can help get educators started with or without additional support from a Certified Confianza Consultant.