• Online Specialized Course 2: Evaluation and Leadership for ELL Equity

Online Specialized Course 2: Evaluation and Leadership for ELL Equity

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The information in these modules provided resources I hope to utilize during my observations so I can support teachers. It highlighted the skills an administrator should target and the use of data to support it. --Debbi Pacheco, Special Education Director

My takeways involve something that I sometimes think of as a four letter word... data! I came to the realization that we need to increase formative language assessment in our classrooms. We need to implement inquiry cycles with targeted strategies to address the language needs of our long term ELs. Then we need to frequently monitor and assess the impact of these strategies on the language progression of our Language Learners. --Crystal Jastzabski, Secondary EL Instructional Facilitator

The articles reinforced my core beliefs that EL students are assets, our biases (conscious and implicit) often get in the way of us recognizing their academic and social strengths, and that as educators we need to think about specific habits, routines, and activities that we can adopt to help us recognize both EL student's strengths and where they need some extra help.  --Adam Strom, Director, Re-Imagining Migration


Leaders and coaches need to understand the competencies of effective teachers of ELLs in order to support them effectively.  In this interactive and engaging course held on, participants will learn and apply research-based strategies for refining teacher leadership skills and deepening professional learning communities. Participants will generate fieldwork with tools and a personalized "action cycle" implementation plan for new learning to immediately impact schooling practices. 

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  • 15 hours total through 4 modules done at your own pace plus one live webinar meeting; read more about our online format and why to take an online Confianza course
  • available to educators in the US and internationally; Massachusetts RETELL state-approved course for 15 SEI PDPs for re-licensure: educators should check with their local requirements
  • certificate provided upon successful completion of the course

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Course Fees:  In the event of dropping a course before the second week, a 18% processing charge will be applied to refund.

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